Stephanie is a pathbreaker sure to revolutionize how you think and feel.


Stephanie is gifted with an ability to transmit the true essence of yoga.


Thank you for sharing your practice and gift!  Stephanie Sheridan brought me back from the dead, treat yourself to her.

- Eleanor 

Stephanie’s sessions are like therapy treatments. Artfully and thoughtfully crafted with intention to heal, sooth and inspire. I will always be grateful for her empowering presence in my journey. 

- Naomi

Stephanie and her methods were just what I needed! Running your own business can be a taxing experience on your mind and body, and by using a holistic approach, Steph helped me to find greater calm and clarity.


Training with Stephanie is an absolute pleasure.


Stephanie, MA is the founder of TruSelf.Rocks. She is a global citizen, a deep spiritual seeker and creative transformation expert. She has a Masters from Johns Hopkins University, advanced trainings in yoga, body mechanics, and meditation and honors all cultures.