Healthy Habits - Rose Petal Magnesium Bath

Dinarcharyas are healthy habits, oftentimes performed daily in the morning. Oil pulling (swooshing oil in the mouth for 5 - 20 minutes), neti pot (adding salt to warm water in a pot designed to pour water through the nasal passages), nasya (oil for the nostrils), karna (oil for the ears), abhyanga self massage (warm oil applied to the limbs and trunk), are all examples of supportive healthy habits that can be done every day. Oh, and I don't want to forget a daily habit that does not need any input to be performed - meditation. All of these can be done even before taking a shower or bath in the morning.

Below you will find a photo highlighting ingredients that I use to take a weekly rose petal and magnesium bath. I consider this to be a part of my dinacharya practice even though I do it weekly, versus daily. High quality magnesium is extremely calming for the nervous system not to mention has a number of health benefits that support cellular functioning throughout the entire body. As I have dealt with psoriasis my entire life, my skin is extremely sensitive, and since taking magnesium baths regularly, my whole body feels more integrated and any signs of rash or irritation caused by stress and other factors that could contribute to an outbreak, are greatly minimized if not gone completely.

There are a number of bath products that you may use and that work for you. I encourage you to consider adding high quality magnesium from flakes or oil from the Zechstein seabed, as opposed to taking this mineral as a supplement or using lower grade alternatives. I can speak only from my own experience and those of Ayurvedic practitioners I have come in contact with, who recommend to be picky about how and what magnesium you use.

As with any supplement, if taken orally, it has to be processed by the internal organs and this can be very taxing on them. That is why soaking can be beneficial, as the skin is the largest organ and is thought to absorb the beneficial effects of the magnesium. Additionally, keeping the bath temperature slightly above body temperature will ensure the body does not get so overheated and can absorb the benefits of the bath.

Rose is calming to make as a tea and also in the bath! Taking two tablespoons of rose petals and adding this to your magnesium bath will increase the calming effects and overall sublime atmosphere of your spa like atmosphere.

I hope that you can try this bath, and that your dinacharyas are supporting your healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much for reading, I am sending lots of encouragement for your journey in self love and healing.

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