Hi! Welcome to your next chapter in personal growth and health. 
















This site serves as a resource to publish knowledge, share stories, and allow you to book sessions with me. Your next step towards health will transform your life, and I am here to be with you on the journey.

Here's me: A focused, ambitious healer with a training in quantitative analysis to underscore my expertise in yoga, movement, fascia, body work, Ayurveda and coaching. A wise spirit, willing to go the extra mile to empower you in every situation.

You: An equally ambitious professional, a strong, inner-confident achiever - living a big life and on the verge of a bigger life. Not quite sure what the next thing is, but hungry to figure that out and willing to do the physical and emotional lifting to step into, and sustain, your biggest life yet. 

Together, we partner in a healing journey that leads to magnificent and fascinating outcomes.

We take part in a mission that empowers individuals and families towards a balanced and dis-ease free life, through holistic practices and healthy habits including food and exercises.


Feel free to reach out to me using the form and contact information below. I am looking forward to our time together. 

Stephanie Sheridan, MA is a wellness coach, teacher and mentor with a focused, heartfelt practice. She is a student in Ayurveda and has witnessed the healing power of this tradition in her own life. As a professional, she works with individuals and groups incorporating the fundamentals of yoga, meditation and ayurveda to align with their life purpose.

Stephanie is a survivor of addiction and supports people to face their own demons, moving beyond their worst fears towards heartfelt desires they long to live.

She works in residential, corporate, academic and non-profit environments. She has worked with cancer survivors, hosted yoga masters and counseled best selling authors to follow their dreams.

Stephanie fights fearlessly for the integrity of her clients' dreams, gently allowing their visions to unfold using the traditions of Indian movement and medicine combined with Western practices of empowerment to support their journey.