I am so excited to see you here.
Self improvement is all about self acceptance, and I am happy you are taking steps towards self forgiveness and self compassion.

Coaching is the engagement in a practice of self discovery based on unlimited possibilities that will result in a trial and error process of self improvement based on self understanding. Coaching can run alongside therapy and other self care practices. 

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Photo by Steph Norton.

I have over 15 years  experience (oh my gosh, I feel old!) coaching others to welcome in a more full expression of their dreams and desires. I work with people one-on-one, virtually. I am a certified Health Coach, Advanced Yoga and Meditation Teacher and have a Masters degree and am continually updating my skills and knowledge for our diverse world.

Many of us look for purpose in our life. Family, community, and timely topics of the day may motivate us to move forward with work, education and pursuing experiences in our chosen passion. What happens when life starts to feel stagnant? When opportunities stop lining up and what was once fulfilling seems trite and flat? This is a time for personal self reflection, whether welcome or not. During this crucial time, one of the most useful tools is the ability to explore ideas about self and the world in a safe environment that honors your process.


Welcome to the essence of True Self Transformation coaching. As you embark on the next level, and the next level, and the next level of your purpose-driven life, your belief in your ability to succeed matters so much.


I can tell you, others can tell you, you can read about it, and even see your past successes. If you do not truly believe in your ability to move forward in your unique life aligned with your purpose, the journey may be more difficult than necessary. The ingredients for your success are not always straightforward, and yet, guides and tools show up as we seek and ask for their help.


Consider me a tool, and if you will a guide, to your next level.